Transfer Pricing Policy Development

We help you develop transfer pricing policies that are tailored to the reflect the materiality of your transactions. Intercompany transactions can sometimes involves multiple layers of collaboration across affiliates and legacy intangibles that can require a great deal of judgement on how much complexity needs to be incorporated into the policy design.

An effective transfer pricing policy will take into consideration the competing goals of satisfying statutory requirements, ease of implementation and the scale of analysis that is warranted. An optimal transfer pricing solution seeks to find a balance across these constraints.


We prepare all transfer pricing documentation, including Master and Local Files, to meet your statutory transfer pricing requirements across multiple jurisdictions. We are familiar with the transfer pricing laws and regulations and tax authority guidance for most jurisdictions, including the US, Canada, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Egypt.

Representation for Audits

We assist with responding to tax and financial audits of transfer pricing policies to avoid adjustments and penalties.

Developing Intercompany Agreements

Intercompany agreements can be extremely valuable in articulating the intent of transfer pricing policies at the time of their execution.

We can provide templates for you to develop formalized agreements in collaboration with your legal counsel or work with your legal counsel to develop agreements.

Trainings on Transfer Pricing Theory

We provide in-person seminars with your team to give a basic to intermediate overview of transfer pricing concepts, including comparability analysis and transfer pricing methods.

E-Learning Module Development

We develop online learning modules that identify important transfer pricing consideration within a specific industry sector. This can help your tax and finance teams fully comprehend the transfer pricing implications of intercompany transactions.

Proprietary Benchmarking Tools

In collaboration with Capam Consulting ( we have developed benchmarking tools specifically for the MENA region with underlying data licensed from S&P Capital IQ.

Transfer Pricing Talent

We can help find top of the line transfer pricing talent for your advisory team by putting candidates through rigorous testing to ensure that you have access to the best candidates to develop your transfer pricing team.